Subject Year Speaker      
Rugs 1976 Busse, J.K.      
Warp Setup for Painting & Screening 1991 Romey-Tanzer, Gretchen      
Dyeing Potpourri 1992 Horton-Lyons, Jill      
Double Weave Sampler 1992 Autio, Laurie      
Variations on a Square 1992 Mayer, Anita Luvera                         
& Other Techniques          
Profile Drafting 1995 Autio, Laurie      
Subject Year No. of Pages Speaker    
Friendship Garments N.A. 32 Mayer, Anita Luvera    
Miniature 19th Century Textiles 1983 15 Erf, Mary Elva    
Weaving with Color 1976 35 Kurtz, Carol    
Diamonds, Whales & Ravens: 1997 14 Irwin, Bobbie    
Twined Rag Rugs of the Pacific Northwest