1. To calculate the amount of shrinkage to expect for a woven piece, weave a sample at least 12″ square. Measure the length and width on the loom while still under tension. Enter those values, in inches, in the “Woven Length” and “Woven Width” boxes. Then, finish your sample using the method you plan to use on your final piece. Measure the length and width of after finishing. Enter those values in the remaining boxes and click the “Calculate” buttons. Your shrinkage percentage will be calculated, and also prefilled into the Dimensions Calculator below.
1. Shrinkage Calculator (You did sample, didn't you?)

2. Because your fabric can be expected to shrink when it is finished. you need to determine the woven dimensions required to get the finished dimensions you want. First enter the planned finished dimensions in the appropriate boxes. If you have calculated shrinkage already, those values will be prefilled. If you have not sampled, you’ll just have to enter an estimated value for the shrinkage percentage. Click the Calculate buttons to get the dimensions you should weave.

2. Determine Weaving Dimensions When Shrinkage is Known

3. Now you can calculate the amount of warp you need. If you’ve used the previous calculators, the woven length and width are prefilled. Otherwise, enter those values. Also enter the amount of loom waste (unweavable warp, tie-on allowance, etc.) and sampling length, if any. We also need to know your epi, and how wide your sections are. Click calculate and you will get the total approximate value in yards (our calculations are rounded up, just to be safe), and also the number of spools and yards per spool.

3. Warp Calculator
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4. If you have calculated the yards of warp in the previous tool, clicking on one of the fiber types to the right will tell you how many pounds of warp you need. If the warp value is blank, clicking on any fiber in the table will just tell you how many yards per pound it is.
4. Yards per Pound
3/2 cotton 5/2 cotton 8/2 cotton
10/2 cotton 16/2 cotton 20/2 cotton
8/2 wool 2/18 merino 2/18 wool/silk